Independent International Investment Research provides a broad range of products and services to meet the research requirements of the buy-side and sell-side. Our FX swap approach provides clients with a comprehensive investment coverage and incisive short-term and long-term investment strategies.

Global Equity Research
Our Global Equity Research combines currency analysis with bottom-up fundamental research to provide unique research into some of the world’s biggest companies.
ndependent International Investment Research has been selected by seven of Wall Street’s major broker-dealers to provide global equity research to their clients. Independent International Investment Research combines its unique pedigree in foreign currency analysis, with bottom-up fundamental research into companies (as well as an examination of the technical condition of the company’s stock), to provide clients with research coverage into global investment opportunities – but expressed in the client’s own currency after consideration of the anticipated currency impact over the investment horizon.

An innovative approach to researching some of the world’s largest companies: fundamental research with consideration of currency impact for investors taking positions in shares denominated outside their base currency.

Our Global Equity Research has consistently been ranked in the top-five for Long positions by independent research evaluation agency Investars (
GEO Monitor™
IIR Group has launched a Global Equity Offerings (GEO) Monitor to track the exploding global IPO activity. Our GEO Monitor™ is the only comprehensive research coverage of global IPO’s outside the U.S. vailable to the market and provides you with three key deliverables:

  • Weekly IPO Calendar identifying all up-coming global IPO’s >$100 mn proceeds in the next 3-months.
  • Daily Newsflash Service, providing up-to-date newsflow on all companies in the IPO Calendar as well as identifying any new announcements or withdrawals
  • Preliminary IPO research reports with subscription recommendations on all companies.

A specialist practice within the Independent International Investment Research Group combining language and research skills to assemble a dynamic database of the world’s upcoming public offerings which will be of most interest to institutional clients.
Indian Mid-Cap High Flyers

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Bespoke Research

Fundamental or quantitative research products or assignments exclusively tailored to client requirements.